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Acupuncture & Moxa in Phoenix

The term “moxibustion”, or moxa, is derived from the Japanese “Moe Kusa” meaning “burning herb”. Moxa is obtained from the herbal plant “Arternisia Vulgaris”, also commonly called mugwort. Moxa has been practiced for thousand years in oriental countries like China and Japan, as therapy to cure diseases by stimulating innate healing power of the human body. Moxa treats and prevents diseases by applying heat to acupuncture points or certain locations of the human body. It can be used on its own or with acupuncture. The material used is mainly “moxa-wool” in the form of a cone or stick. Moxa relieves fatigue, fights muscular weakness, improves blood-circulation, is good for muscular tension and stiffness, eases rheumatism, neuralgias, and muscular pain, and stimulates gastric functions. Moxa is especially good for treating menstrual disorders and arthritis.

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