Laser 360 in Phoenix

By combining three technologies, laser 360 addresses many common skin concerns that cannot be treated with topical products. Skin Care of Arizona offers laser 360 for a gentle facial rejuvenation.

What is Laser 360?

Laser 360 is a skin treatment that combines three technologies including:

  • Photorejuvenation: to correct broken blood vessels causing redness and discoloration. Red patches and other blemishes are lightened.
  • Laser skin tightening: to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and firm the skin for a younger appearance.
  • Laser resurfacing: to improve tone and texture and remove surface-level blemishes.

The benefits of these three technologies are combined into one procedure for optimal skin rejuvenation, brightening and smoothing the skin.

Laser 360 Candidates

Those who experience many different skin cancers and want the most out of their skin care treatment can benefit from the combined technologies of laser 360. Patients who want to brighten their skin tone, improve their skin’s texture, reduce redness, and diminish fine lines and other blemishes can find effective improvement with laser 360. Those with more severe signs of aging and skin concerns might benefit more from a different treatment option.

The Procedure

The laser 360 procedure is customizable to treat the patients unique set of concerns and goals. During treatment, the appropriate technologies will be used to either resurface, tighten, or correct the color of the skin. Depending on your concerns, you might need several treatment sessions for optimal results.

Recovery and Results

There is no recovery necessary after treatment with laser 360, however, patients might experience common side effects such as swelling and redness. The skin will also be extra sensitive, so over-exposure to the sun should be avoided and sunscreen should be worn.

Once the skin has healed, patients can enjoy a brighter, more even skin tone and an overall rejuvenated appearance. Though the results are temporary, further treatments can be done to maintain healthy looking skin.

To learn more about laser 360 and our other skin treatment options available, contact Skin Care of Arizona today. We can schedule your consultation to develop your unique treatment plan.

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