Body Scrubs in Phoenix

Have you noticed that your skin is looking dull, rough, or dry? Body scrubs can help to naturally remove dead skin cells and restore and refresh clogged pores for a radiant glow.

Sugar Scrub

Allow our expert massage therapist to polish your body with naturally exfoliating finely crushed organic Jasmine rice and refined cane sugar. Then they will soften your skin with moisturizing Shea Butter oil. We infuse the mix with an antioxidant green tea extract.  This scrub rinses clean and leaves skin baby soft with a fresh citrus and green tea scent.

Shea Butter Scrub                  

Skin is polished to perfection with a sea salt scrub, rich in Vitamin-E rice bran oil. A targeted massage with a rich and creamy shea butter allows the skin to drink up moisture and ensures deep relaxation.

Bioglycolic Body Scrub

Bioglycolic body scrub contains highly concentrated glycolic acid for glowing and silky skin. It can also reduce rough calloused skin and concentrate on rough areas such as the backs of arms and legs for silky, touchable skin.

If you reside in the Phoenix, AZ area and are interested in booking a body scrub treatment, contact our office today!


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